Alba Mengual & Gas Fernandez

Swing and Blues Dancers


We are passionate about Swing and Blues music, their culture, and the dances they spawned (Blues, Lindy hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz).

We have changed our lives by dedicating ourselves to them.

We dedicate ourselves to continue studying them, day by day, to continuously improve as dancers and teachers.

In 2013 our paths crossed, and our passion and love for them led us both to create Big Mama Ballroom, an institute dedicated to Swing and Blues in Madrid, and to put our suitcases on our shoulders every weekend and show them internationally.

Our style and way of teaching is alive, we continue to grow and mature.

Our dance form seeks to bring out our individual expression without detracting from the connection in the couple, we seek two dancers who form one, a constant communication and dialogue in the dance with clear roles, but without hierarchies.

We have our hearts in the 30s, our souls in the mother culture of these dances and our heads in the present.




17:00 - 18:00

Sunday Jun-11

Blues Show Choreo Class with Gas and Alba