Mariangela Salichou

Shag, Charleston


Mariangela is the founder and director of Athens Lindy Hop. She has been dancing Swing since 2004 in London and has brought Lindy Hop for the first time ever in Athens, Greece in 2008. Along with her partner, Nefeli, she has initiated and built the foundations of the ever growing Athenian Swing dance scene delivering classes, organising social dances and big events.

She loves to dance and teach all dances that swing and groove! That is Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Charleston, Collegiate Shag, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Soul. She loves a smooth, authentic old school style as much as she loves a more modern inspired by street styles. She enjoys to explore underground subculture  dance styles from Northern Soul to Rockabilly Bopping and from Boogaloo to Funk, Hip Hop, Samba and steps of various Latin Beats. Her diversity can include fast and rhythmical footwork to sensual and feminine movement with strong isolations. Her teaching is based on clear technique, musical expression and historical context as the history of the music and dance that she loves, is a passion of hers.

She often teaches workshops and classes in London and has taught alongside top international Swing dance teachers while she has performed and competed with Steve Sayer's and Chandrae Roettig's Shag and Lindy teams at prestigious dance festivals. She has an internationally renowned chorus line group the "Bowl of Cherries" and her choreographies have been reproduced by dancers all over the world. Her talent in choreographing and her love of various dances, music styles and musical theatre has inspired her favorite project, the annual "Vaudeville Revue", a variety show, which she directs and performs in collaboration with her partners, students and other artists. She has also created, choreographed and directed a big show "The Swing Era" with the Athens Big Band at the Old National Opera theatre, created routines for stage plays and music videos while she often performs at cabaret shows.

With great knowledge of music she is an exceptional DJ and had her own radio show with vintage dancing music at the most popular Athenian station (Pepper 96.6).