Swing and Ragtime The Oldie Goldies

The Oldie Goldies is a swing and ragtime band based in Sofia, Bulgaria, led by jazz drummer Borislav Petrov. He brings together talented musical friends from different countries, who share a passion for playing music from the times when the world danced to JAZZ.

Yes, we love playing for dancers! Our band is expandablе.

Dixieland - Ragtime - Blues The Storyville Ragtimers

The Storyville Ragtimers formed in Athens in 2015. Their love and inspiration is New Orleans and the Storyville neighborhood where Jazz was born.

Also the “sporting houses” of Basin’ Street, “Lulu White” and the “professors” the bands of “parades” with the “second liners” and the b the River boat bands of Mississippi.

Johnny Rumble & The Law 4000 is a storming raw rockabilly trio from Greece. The band is named after a popular Greek movie of the 60’s about a law passed at that time against “teddyboy-ism”, the “Law 4000”.

The trio was formed by vocalist Johnny, guitarist and vocalist Haris and double bassist George during a jam show at a friend’s birthday party.

Toot sweet! Jazz band consists of Marina Donikian (vocals) and Tasos Korkovelos (keys) and was established back in 2016. Since then, the band is offering a musical journey by serving the Jazz & Swing Music.

Their repertoire combines Jazz Standards from the American Song Book, all-time classic Swing Tunes, Nostalgic Bossa Rythms and contemporary hits covered in a jazzy way. Their mission is to make their audience happy and they are happy when their audience is dancing!


Let's Dance!

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