“Jeepers Creepers Band” is a jazz group formed in September 2017.

The orchestra specializes in orchestrating and re-performing pieces from the golden 1930s and 1940s of Swing, as well as presenting original compositions inspired by that aesthetic. They took their name from the well-known Harry Warren song made famous by Louis Armstrong. Thanks to their dedication to the Jazz idiom, they have managed to appear in numerous venues at home and abroad.

Swing - Lindy Hop - Charleston Swing Tales

Swing Tales was created in 2023 in Thessaloniki with Eleftheria Bargiotas on vocals, Dimitris Tselios on saxophone, Nikos Tara on piano, Agamemnon Mardas on double bass and Stergios Koia on drums. All the band members are active musicians of the city with a lot of experience from live shows and performances.

The idea of the band was to create a structure that could support musically the dance groups involved in Swing, Lindy hop, Charleston, etc.

Toot sweet! Jazz band consists of Marina Donikian (vocals) and Tasos Korkovelos (keys) and was established back in 2016. Since then, the band is offering a musical journey by serving the Jazz & Swing Music.

Their repertoire combines Jazz Standards from the American Song Book, all-time classic Swing Tunes, Nostalgic Bossa Rythms and contemporary hits covered in a jazzy way. Their mission is to make their audience happy and they are happy when their audience is dancing!

They are thrilled to play to express themselves, to create magical music moments! With music which was born and evolved in the cities: New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas, Charleston, New York with the influence of Jazz blues, Rag, Spasm and Jug band’s 1900-1935.


Let's Dance!

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