"It is nowhere like Chalkidiki'". That's what we Greeks say.

And I say ”summer without Armenistis does not count”. No matter where I was living I had to go there. My truly vacation place since I was a kid, my festivals, my live concerts, my turquoise waters and THAT bay!

After covid and several difficulties we all had to come through, I took a decision… to combine my favorite holidays with my big love, the Lindy Hop. With the support of Swing Academy and Armenistis Camping we created a Lindy Hop festival in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The ‘SWINGIN THE BAY’ festival.

As a student/participant in many festivals around the world, as a local teacher in Munich – Thessaloniki and as a co-owner of  Swing Academy I know that Lindy Hop is not just a hobby. It is our social life, it is our workout, it is our entertainment, it’s our therapy. I also know that the swing festivals are our holidays, our traveling, our new experiences, our joy.

That’s how SWINGIN THE BAY has to be and that’s why my team and I are working hard to build the most amazing festival we ever went to! A week of vacation and dance in that bay, a week of classes, live bands, crazy parties, new friends and best memories.

I look forward to meet you and share that thrill with you!