Check your spam folder first. If in 3 days you did not receive any registration confirmation E-mail please contact us at

You have the option to register as a couple if you want to pay together the festival passes in one bill. That’s automatically proceeding to payment information as long as there are spots left. If you want to pay individually, you can register as a leader/follower and fill your partner’s name and details in the required field. After we are comparing the data of the registrations you are getting the payment details E-mail separately.

Of course! We try to keep an even amount of leaders and followers. You will be on a waiting list until a matching role signs in. After the match registration you will receive the E-mail with the payment details, hence the confirmation of your spot.

Check your spam folder first. If you did not register with a partner you are in a waiting list until we have a single registration for the opposite role in your level. We try to keep a balanced number of leads and followers for the lessons. We will contact you soon.

Check you spam folder first. Apart from that there will be two different emails: the confirmation of the successful registration through our form on the homepage and a second email with the payment details which are not coming at the same time. If you registered with a partner, make sure that the partner submitted the form within time and the same credentials as you wrote.

We have already all the volunteers we need from the local community, it is always easier to cope with the complicated Greek system and usually they are present during the preparation of the festival. But thank you so much.

The only discount we can offer is the early bird discount. Be fast and book your pass until 3rd of January.

No! Your pass does not include any accommodation. Please book your accommodation separately at Your Transportation is not included in your pass, too. The transportation from Thessaloniki Airport to the camping and back is something you can book during your registration.

It would be better to wait until the reception of your payment confirmation email to be sure that you have a spot in the Swingin The Bay Festival.

It would be better to wait until your payment confirmation to be sure that you have a spot in the Swingin The Bay Festival.

As soon as we receive your registration you will get a registration confirmation E-mail. If everything is fine with your registration and your spot for the festival you will receive another email with all the payment details. From the time the Payment Information is sent, you have 7 days to complete your payment.

There is a hostel-bed option in Armenistis Camping. If you prefer another type of accommodation contact us in order to share with others if we have other people wanting the same. You can always write your interest of sharing a room to our Facebook page!

Most probably yes, write us an email to find out the details

All the info and the prices for the accommodation you can find here

If Swingin The Bay has to be canceled because of local or national covid regulations, your festival Pass will be fully refunded. Please read the terms and conditions.

You can sell/ give your ticket to another dancer who has the same role and level as you booked it. Please inform us with the new participant’s details as soon as possible.

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