Prof. Graf is a staple of the Munich swing dance scene since 2007 – as a teacher, MC, dancer or DJ. If there’s swing music, he is there as well.

He DJs sometimes electronically from his laptop, but can mostly be found behind the turntables, where he plays the highlights from his 78rpm record collection.

I love all swing styles as long as the song makes me want to move!

When I select music I want to find the balance between fresh tempo, interesting song composition and hyping people to have fun while dancing.

Thanos is an enthusiastic swing and blues dancer full of joy. He dance, teach and Djing in Thessaloniki sharing his passion for jazz music and dancing.

3 things he loves are: Hot rhythms,touching melodies and chocolate.

DJ PAOLO a.k.a. SHUFFLE PUCK Has been collecting Swing, Rhythm & Blues, Jump Blues, 50’s Roots Rock ‘n Roll & Disco for almost 3 DECADES.

His style combines Swing classics and 50s Jive in ways that keep everyone tapping their feet.

More TBA Soon


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