Miloš Dograjić & Nevena Dograjić

Lindy Hop


Ever since he saw ILHC 2013 competition video, Miloš has been inspired and motivated to start swing dancing. In 2018 he became one of the founders of Swing'n'Roll dance school in Belgrade. Even though he started as a Lindy Hopper, he fell in love with Balboa and became one of the founders of the scene in Belgrade in 2019. In his dance, you can see a mixture of different style which all fall under the "Swing Umbrella".

Aside from being a dancer, Miloš is also one of the organizers of Swingidunum - Belgrade Swing Dance Festival.

Nevena's swing dancing journey started on the other side of the world, during a vacation on Réunion island. When she got back home to Serbia, she started taking classes, and ever since she's constantly being inspired by music and movement, always improvising and having fun.