BURLESQUE SHOW Teasin the bay

Teasin the Bay 2023 The International Burlesque festival in Greece 15-17 September, Armenistis

Burlesque is not defined by nakedness, but by the prolonged tease – burlesque dancers reveal that the promise of nudity is more powerful than nudity itself

Burlesque mocks. It is a parody, which fits with the Italian origination of the word ‘burla’ meaning mockery, satire. It is tongue in cheek or the overt ‘making fun’ of something earnest.  It is taking a serious issue and making it funny. It can make you laugh, but also cry. .It is provocative, fun; buzzy and audience enjoyment or participation. It can be a hobby; stress relief; a bit of fun. It can be performed by amateurs and professionals alike. Burlesque feels good. It is ‘am I too old for my first show at 72?’


Burlesque is a form of theatrical entertainment featuring parodic humor, usually consisting of comic skits and  a chorus lines.

The burlesque genre originated in the 1840s, early in the Victorian Era, a time of culture clashes between the social rules of established aristocracy and a working-class society.

Early burlesque featured shows that emphasized comic sketches, often lampooning the social attitudes of the upper classes, alternating with dance routines. It developed alongside vaudeville in the late nineteenth century, running on competing circuits. Indeed, many vaudeville acts were indistinguishable from burlesque.

The popular burlesque show of the 1870s through the 1920s was a raucous, bawdy style of variety theater. It was inspired by Lydia Thompson and her troupe, the British Blondes, who first appeared in the United States in the 1860s.

Burlesque returned to the mainstream in 1959 thanks to the American ‘Gypsy Rose Lee’ and her memoir being made into a stage musical called ‘Gypsy’.On the late 70s the film Cabaret featuring Liza Minelli was released: a film based around Burlesque and set in pre-war Germany.

Burlesque is old fashioned, but never goes out of fashion. It is regaining popularity  thanks to Dita Von Teese  and many other neo Burlesque artists.


Burlesque is a platform for a woman to express her current views of the world through either a short satirical sketch, or a dark dystopian peek into our future. Either way, it is beautiful as all naked female bodies are. Burlesque is the expression of oneself through art and dance while feeling at one with your body and wearing as much or as little as you please.

It is an art form; a celebration of the body. It is empowerment for women and a performance that leaves the audience wanting more of what can vary from classic striptease to downright weird. Burlesque embraces womanhood in all its glory.  It is often performed in a theatrical way with singing and dancing. It is ‘bad ass’ as you have to be really fit and acts can include aerial work or pole dancing.

Burlesque is the need to take the 5th amendment. It is women that timidly put on an outfit and immediately gain the confidence to joke and proposition a man in front of their wife! It is blue feathers on a red carpet; strangers helping each other tie laces and stiletto shoes. It is collaboration and outing art into the public arena.

Burlesque is self-expression that doesn’t seem to be demeaning. It is ‘my girl’s passion’. It is total empowerment and not about body image, but about its expression. It is freedom!

Burlesque is for every shape and size. It is a transformation from being slumped to being ladylike. It is seeing each other in a new light. It is being helped and inspired by others. Burlesque is getting your twinkle back; getting your Goddess back. You arrive feeling downtrodden and leave feeling good about yourself; wanting to conquer the world.

Burlesque CAN be naked sexy dancing for the curvier woman. But it IS rocking it; Diva-ing it up; smiles and self-expression. It is encouragement and showing your best features. It’s looking amazing in shape wear and remembering you rock without it.

Are you ready for the most empowering feminine weekend in an idyllic bay in Greece?

3 Days and nights

6 international burlesque artists

Burlesque lessons, fitness, shows and parties…

Stay tuned more to be announced soon!

Meet our Teachers

Zoe Bizoe

Zoe Bizoe, the first international burlesque artist to win every competition she ever competed! With her 7(!!) international titles she is living proof that a combination of humor & sillyness combined with your own uniqueness in an incredible outfit is THE key to making a spectacle everyone remembers. Burlesque as the ultimate celebration of life. And we know laughter is life.

This half Greek/Half Belgian performer is multi-talented! She loves hosting- acting – does stan-up Comedy & is a professional photographer and Pin Up who can teach you the golden rules of posing in front of the camera.

Did we metion she has her own Gin & Lavender Soap?

A real 2023 Pin Up. 🫧

Melody D'amour

Melody D‘Amour – not only her name, it‘s her mission!

She‘s performing Burlesque over 13 years now all around Europe. Her shows are as different and surprising as she is – expect the unexpected!

Melody also works as actress & model for movies, music videos and shootings.

She loves to celebrate the power, individuality and sensuality of Burlesque

Titty Flambé

It started in the year 2019 when I took my first steps into the burlesque scene. 
What followed was a rollercoaster full of the greatest friendship I could wish for. Together with my bff Scarlet la Coquette we started our own business with the name Plum’Elle .
I love being super creative and designing costumes, props and everything around that.
My other passion is teaching. To make a lesson turn into a great time.
And I still try to join other workshops because I want to learn constantly.
You cannot put my burlesque style into a box. It’s a variety of styles.
Scarlet la Coquette

Scarlet la Coquette

Scarlet la Coquette feels like a fiery force of nature on stage. She started burlesque in 2019 and loved the adrenaline so much she couldn’t stop performing.  
She likes to dive into alter ego’s and experiments with different looks. She loves to create and be someone else on stage. Burlesque challenges her and gives her the freedom to be whoever she wants. 
Together with Titty Flambé , she started Plum’Elle in ’22. Since then, they’ve been producing their own shows and doing collabs with inspiring people. 
Above all she just loves a flamboyant dress-up and having a crazy good time 😅

Sophy Zarkada

My name is Sofia. I was born and raised in Thessaloniki. I started dancing in 2010, learning oriental. From 2013 until today, I have been participating in the competitive multi awarded group of the internationally renowned teacher and dancer, Prince Kayammer. In these ten years, I have participated in numerous oriental festivals and competitions in Greece and abroad. I have won with the racing team a total of over 30 awards, most of them 1st place awards.
I have attended workshops with worldwide renowned oriental dance teachers such as: Khaled Mahmoud, Dina, Aziza of Cairo, Tito Seif, Randa Kamel, Saida Helou, Mohamed Kazafy, Margarita Darina, Osama Mimi Farag, Dariya Michkevich, Evelina Papazova, Zom Zom, Prince Kayammer, Soraya Shoheib and more.
I have attended the Professional Training Program, created by Prince Kayammer, regarding oriental dance, certified by globally acknowledged teachers from Greece and abroad. I still love to learn and to teach, I love to inspire and to be inspired.

Summer Oliday (Topsioti)

My name is Olina and I don’t know if I like my artistic name, but i definitely like Burlesque.

I have been dancing for several years Swing dances but my dance crush is still Burlesque, since I saw Sharon Davis like 10 years ago!

 Apart from a local Burlesque teacher in Thessaloniki,  I was honored to teach in Munich, Belgium, Athens and in some festivals around Europe. I still take classes and I admire being inspired and learning by all those artists and I think Burlesque has so many facets and it evolves all the time, so you can never have enough of it. 

I love sharing the joy, the freedom and the feminine power of Burlesque with dancers from all over the world and experience how different interpretations can magically happen.

Meet our Dj

Dj Kimska

KimSka – more than 20 years a professional DJ in Germany, in Europe and on the road.

Cities like: Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Zurich, Cologne, Munich, Stuttgart and the list goes on.

The Offbeat is in his blood and lots of fun on the turntables. He is serving musical happiness made of Electro Swing, Balkan Beats, RussenDisko and of course Ska! Since some years he is organising restless KimSka diverse events like for instance the Tiger Rag Club with international acts like: Stereo Express, Umami, Alice Francis, Shemian, Dunkelbunt, Wolfgang Lohr, Enzo Siffredi, Tinush, Trompetendisko, Soundnomaden, Kiwi Star, Phos Toni, Dirty Honkers, Denyo, Wolfgang Lohr etc.

KimSka played in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Danmark, Malta and now it is time to Rock Greece!

Dj Kimska
teasin the bay program

Sithonia Chalkidiki Armenistis Camping & Bungalows

Swingin The bay festival is located in Armenistis Camping and Bungalows in 120-acre verdant area in Sithonia, Chalkidiki. 

The campsite is 135km away of the city of Thessaloniki.

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