Swing Tales

Swing, Lindy Hop, Charleston


Swing Tales was created in 2023 in Thessaloniki with Eleftheria Bargiotas on vocals, Dimitris Tselios on saxophone, Nikos Tara on piano, Agamemnon Mardas on double bass and Stergios Koia on drums. All the band members are active musicians of the city with a lot of experience from live shows and performances.

The idea of the band was to create a structure that could support musically the dance groups involved in Swing, Lindy hop, Charleston, etc.

Since then they have organized many events and parties with a multitude of dancers and artists involved in Swing, they have participated in the Swinging Europe Network Annual Conference 2023 and they have partnered several times with the Swing Academy dance school based in Thessaloniki.

Swing Tales appear independently of the dance groups in various bars and events, always with love and respect for the music.